Affiliate Huddle Conference 2019

Last week the Paddock Media team attended the sixth annual Affiliate Huddle event at the QEII Centre in London. The event proved a great opportunity to learn the latest in affiliate marketing and network with others in the industry, from affiliates to advertisers, networks and agencies.

We arrived at midday and the first, fantastic talk we saw was hosted by Deepak Tailor, CEO and founder of LatestFreeStuff. He talked about the current effectiveness of messenger marketing compared to email.

Email opens are dwindling with average open rates falling to 22.86% in Q4 of 2018 (according to Get Response) and click-throughs at 3.3%. Messenger is currently seeing massive open and CTR rates, with an average of 90% opens and 30% click-throughs. Have you explored messenger marketing for your business?

We then saw an interesting talk by The Sole Supplier about Google’s featured snippets. With Google now pushing even more content above the fold including related questions and shopping results, how can site owners and online retailers combat lowering unique clicks despite increasing impressions? One we shall ponder on for sure.

The other stand out talk we saw was by Alex Frolov, from HypeAuditor. The talk related to social media, in particular, Instagram. The network is currently seeing a vast increase in popularity, with many brands starting to explore the advertising and partnership opportunities.

According to HypeAuditor, 45% of Instagram users are either mass followers, bots or inactive accounts. With such a high figure, we’ll no doubt see Instagram cracking down on these suspicious accounts in the near future. This will have a huge impact on influencer marketing and no doubt on the number of follows each and every user has on the network. Hopefully, this crackdown, when it does happen, will improve the quality of the network and help advertisers to yield better results from their influencer and advertising campaigns.

Key Takeaways

The affiliate marketing industry is making advancements at an ever-increasing pace, and it won’t be long before we’re all using new and exciting methods in our marketing arsenal. It’ll be important for businesses not to take things at face value, and not to be too hesitant to explore new ideas.

While new methods promise to provide massive value in the future it is so key to focus on your current data, and see where you can optimise and improve your campaigns moving forward. Research and analysis are key.

In conclusion, Affiliate Huddle was a brilliant event packed with informative talks and insightful panel discussions. The event provided a great opportunity to catch up with some old colleagues and meet some of the many new faces.