Paddock Media Welcomes New Affiliate Manager

Paddock Media are delighted to announce the appointment of Claire Harbour to our ever-growing affiliate management team. Claire brings a wealth of prior affiliate marketing experience to the role.

Michael Madew, MD of Paddock Media, said: “We’re thrilled to have taken on such an exceptional candidate for this role. Claire is bound to make an excellent contribution to the continued growth of our company within the Digital Marketing industry.”

Paddock Media Welcomes New Team Members

Paddock Media are delighted to announce two brand new additions to our organisation. Georgia and Bradon are both experienced digital marketing executives, and ideal employees to help us continue to grow into one of the UK’s leading lead generation affiliate networks.

Michael Madew, Partner at Paddock Media, said: “We are really excited to have taken on 2 exceptional candidates, and are sure that they will help Paddock Media continue to go from strength to strength in the Digital Marketing industry.”

3 Reasons PPC Leads Convert Better Than Any Other

Every business needs leads to survive. And I’m betting that as a small or medium business owner, you have tried many different lead sources already, with varying levels of success.

We have tried nearly every type of lead generation tactic out there and have decided to focus solely on PPC-generated leads, as they convert into sales better than any other. Here’s why:


First Party Leads

Leads from PPC are first-party. In other words, the person making the enquiry has expressed an interest in your particular product or service, and their details are delivered immediately into your email inbox or leads platform. These leads are so much better than third-party leads, which are typically harvested from wide-spectrum demographics and a speculative assumption about the customer’s wants or needs (eg co-reg, incentivised, email marketing).


Real-time Delivery

PPC leads, as opposed to an email list or list of names derived from other 3rd party marketing methods, are always fresh. Leads generated by Paddock Media are always delivered in real-time. As long as your sales department is set up to efficiently deal with leads, you could be closing a deal with a customer just a few minutes after they have expressed an interest in your product or service.


Active Customer Intent

If somebody uses Google or Bing to search for a product or service, they are expressing active interest – in other words, intent to buy. They have actively searched for your offering and are thus much further down the sales funnel, and much more likely to make a purchase. Compare this to other types of lead generation where data may be old, non-exclusive and only focused on demographics (more of a scattergun approach).


It’s clear that of all the lead sources available, PPC produces the best results.